Eurocash AG – Armoured Cars Made in Germany
Eurocash AG – Armoured Cars Made in Germany 

Eurocash AG…

… the Dealership of special individual manufactured armoured vehicles. Eurocash AG and her brands is built on 3 decades of expert German craftsmanship, a superior level of technology and our dedication to making the impossible possible. We are renowned for our advanced ballistic protection, ingenious applied solutions and discreet vehicle appearance.


Take a look behind the scenes at our skilfully modified armoured vehicles and you will be surprised at the level of precision and application concealed behind the beautyfully crafted decor and trim components. These represent the true values of our brand!

We would like to invite you on a journey packed with invaluable experiences!


We can deliver different Cars and idividual Luxury Products as Armoured Luxury Limousines – Armoured Cars – Bullet Proof Vehicles – Sonderschutzfahrzeuge – Stretched Limousines – Sportscars – Limited Luxury Watches – Limited Mont Blanc Fountain Pens – Immobilien in Switzerland and France – Individual Security Rental. 


The manufacturing process, as well as all ballistic materias as well as the numerous operational and functional tests (carried out to guarantee the maximum level of resilience and suitability) are all approved and certified by both German and international institutions such as:

The ‘ Beschussamt in Germany’ (German proof House), Millbrook, QinetiQ UK, Deutscher Tüv’ (German Technical Inspection Authority), etc.


Eurocash AG and the Partners also uses the very latest material and systems technologies from the military and civil defence industries. We will produce unique and bullet-proof vehicles for you, regardless of costs related to tools and development, incorporating the very latest techniques in vehicle dynamics and comfort. These bundled work processes and benefits enable us to guarantee you the best possible protection against both CRIMINAL and TERRORIST threats, in the form of gunfire, explosives, and IEDs (improvised explosive devices). All work is carried out by our partner employees – a select group of experts from a range of different backgrounds and professions. Their goal and passion is to create a product which defines the true meaning of an ‘Eurocash AG ’.


Eurocash AG, the partnerships and her brands produces exclusive special armoured vehicles based on one principle alone: ‘AN UNWILLINGNESS TO COMPROMISE’!

We also can deliver from stock factory armoured Limousines from Rolls Royce – Mercedes – BMW – Audi – Volvo in the Level B6 or VR7.


The succesfull and long terme experience  in Luxury Products as Mont Blanc and Luxury Homes helps to organise and realise your personal dream in the shortest time become reality.

Once again: while perfection itself does not exist, we continue the search for perfection!


“The way to success is not a short cut, but hard work”

With best regards,

Eurocash AG

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